Together - Various - Golden Dutch Sounds Perfect Collections (Vinyl, LP)

And of course, all those musicians didn't hurt either. There is a great saxophone solo on Doctor Wu, followed by more superb sax on the coda of the same song. There are plenty of great guitar solos to choose from, be it on Chain Lightning or Throw Back the Little Ones the last one evoking the famous Kid Charlemagne solo in places.

My favourite, though, is ironically the solo contributed by original member Dennis Dias now playing the part of session hand on Your Gold Teeth II. Did Pat Metheny listen to Steely Dan in the mid 70s, by any chance? What, not a word thus far about Black Friday? How can that be? Anyway, it's a catchy rocker with again some tasty guitar but it probably belongs on Countdown to Ecstasy rather than Katy Lied. Speaking of which, Katy Lied continues Steely Dan's evolution towards a smooth, jazz-rock based approach.

Black Friday apart, there's nothing here that's particularly rocking in the way of a My Old School or Bodhisattva and even the rough edges of a Night after Night seem to be on their way out. More and more, their songs revolve around keyboard chords rather than a bluesy riff to set the tone. It should by all accounts have made them even more distant for the public.

Instead, they only grew stronger with each album as they moved further and further from 'rawk', eventually striking gold with Aja. As I said in my review of Pretzel Logic , Steely Dan bucked the conventional wisdom of 70s music culture and did themselves a world of good that way. In fact, I wonder why it took yet another album after Katy Lied before they could come up with Aja. Only a little more expansive writing, a little more studio gloss and they would be there, the way I see it.

But they decided to have yet another fusion outing on Royal Scam. Was it a lack of confidence or did they just need to get another set of great chord progressions out on record before putting together their magnum opus.

More on that when I attempt to review Royal Scam. A good solid album, though not great, and, again, where's the prog? A few years later, "Aja", the almost perfect album, came out. I fell in love with the amazing title track on that one almost immediately. The other tracks were excellent too. Suddenly, a new light was shed on this album, which now I think is the closest album to "Aja" that Steely Dan recorded. I hate pop music, unless there is some semblance of originality to it, which there is with this music.

There are so many beautiful jazz elements in this music, that I wonder how I missed it at first. The guitar is usually understated, but listen to it closely, especially the solos. You'll notice that the guitar is not always mixed to the front, so it's not always obvious how excellent the guitar work is here.

The music is so simple, yet it's so complex. When I listen to this album, I think about how tough the sessions must have been, because everything is so perfect here, and the guests musicians were plenty, and they were top notch also. The music sounds perfected almost. That is usually a turn off for me, but it sounds so good here. Every note, every sound has it's perfect place throughout the album.

It's almost too perfect, which works against it somewhat. But you can really hear how the masterpiece "Aja" would emerge from this kind of music. That album would also have the perfect sound, but all the problems would be worked out and the songs on that album would be allowed to breath a lot more, while the songs on here are not allowed to develop so much, probably in an attempt to win over some radio airplay.

Fagen and Becker put a lot of effort into this album and they were disappointed when the sound wasn't what they expected because they were using new technology at the time. Some of the problems were worked out, but they refused to listen to this album for quite some time. Newer issues of this album have resulted in a cleaner, crisper sound, and the music is so good here that those reissues should be purchased over the original.

The original recording was way too soft and the intricacies that make this album so excellent are not as pronounced as they should be, but that problem is worked out in the reissues. Fans of "Aja" should check this out for music that is similar to that album. Give it time and you'll find the jewels that are abundant in this album, which tends to get ignored by a lot of fans because it moved away from the harder rock sound of their other albums.

But to me, it is what gave birth to their masterpiece and what would become their true signature sound. Excellent album. I think it's in the top 3 albums for this band. There are no bad, or even mediocre, tracks on this album. Katy Lied? Where Can't Buy a Thrill had all the good in the band and Countdown to Ecstasy had all the bad what a range! Imagine an album structured after the fantastic "Charlie Freak" from their previous album and you get the idea.

Not that anger do This is my favorite Steely Dan album. However, as I did with Jethro Tull's "Heavy Horses", I gave it a mere four stars because I don't feel it is an ample demonstration of what "progressive" music is. These are a collection of immaculately-written, immaculately-performed, stinging, satirical, s Hey, I grew up with this album. Some of my favorite songs are here.

What do you get when you combine the talents of two neo-intellectual songwriters with a penchant for jazz as well as an affinity for expensive German microphones, and you assemble them with a roster of all star studio musicians including Hal Blaine and Michael McDonald?

No tacky celebrity collaborations, either-- Airdrawndagger is a rare, admirable trance-floor treat. With no vocals, no collaborations and very little in the way of the pumping, progressive sound that has for so long been his mainstay, this album might come as a disappointment to anyone expecting something akin to a DJ mix CD.

However, remove the sacred goggles of prog and its possible that Sasha's debut might blow your mind. Beginning his DJing during the ware house party scene at the end of the eighties, he found slots and residencies at the Hacienda, Shelly's as well as Renaissance. His depth of experience and understanding of the crowd combined with his musical knowledge elevate him as one of the world's best.

Surprising then, that his debut album should be the down tempo experiment in electronica that it is. There is little here that recalls the earlier adventures of Sasha on his mix albums or even his EP from which included the unrivalled, progressive monolith "Xpander".

Perhaps the only similarity is that the music is continuous with each track shifting the pace and mood with the album assuming one piece in many parts.

That said, "Cloud Cuckoo" is worthy of individual praise. The haunting guitars and swells drift over a shuffling break beat, brooding bass, and chimes. As a production the track is beautifully put together and reminiscent of some of the stuff Circulation have been putting out over the last 12 months.

The closing opus "Wavy Gray" is Airdrawndagger's crown jewel. Whilst deceptively simple, the genius in this glittering, euphoric masterpiece is the subtlety in the production, demonstrating Sasha's expert execution and gift for twiddling knobs. There has been much grumbling in the press about this record sounding retro. In part, this is true with traces of Aphex Twin or Orbital creeping in to the mix. But, as is often the case with Sasha, the album needs a few listens and takes some getting used to.

Ultimately, it is this lack of immediacy that will give this record a shelf life. A definite grower. Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Sorry, there was a problem saving your cookie preferences. Try again. Accept Cookies Customise Cookies. Buy new:. Arrives: Sep 30 - Oct 1. Dispatches from: Amazon.

Sold by: westworld-. Delivery Details. Only 3 left in stock. Quantity: 1 2 3 Quantity: 1. Maybe AP Music Theory wasn't worthless after all. Click to enlarge German artist Carsten Nicolai has inaugurated his audiovisual installation titled Unidisplay at HangarBicocca in Milan. The meter long piece has the ability to make sound perceptible on an optical level with minimal aesthetics translated into variations of black and white along with acoustics.

There's a propensity towards abstraction and the infinite in…. And we all love secret patterns here, right? Despite living in an age of digital streaming, some UMass students have found a love for collecting vinyl. Faith Cardoza , Writer March 13, The Puffton apartment just outside of UMass Amherst is inhabited by four college guys who regularly hang out on their beige L-shaped couch.

The Beatles walk across Abbey Road as Whitney Houston sits proudly on her album cover above them, and the iconic alien ships of the Boston album instantly showcase a passion for music. He owns 79 records, with one pile in his apartment dedicated to his current listening choices and another for storage.

He appreciates the interactive experience of listening to vinyl; physically caring for the albums and record player, looking at album art and liner notes, and flipping albums over are all part of that experience.

Vinyl records have been making a surprising comeback in the 21st century, capturing the interest of young people looking to expand their musical experience. Older customers peruse silently, impervious to everyone. A couple of groups of college-aged kids are on the hunt as well, traveling in packs and sharing their finds. A line forms at the register.

There are two middle-aged men behind the counter, one adding price stickers to a huge stack of CDs while the other rings up the customers. Happy out. I've listened to this so so many times , Its crystal clear sounds bring me to life every time, It never ever fails me.

No one else can build a track from the ground up and make you feel like you've just been born. The first time I heard it, I was blown away. Pure Genius. Something suprising? Have you ever seen an 'Air-drawn-dagger'? I haven't either. Whatever Sasha was imagining in that crazy mind of his, his debut album is somewhat far from drawing dagger's in the air in front of you.

Through a flow of melodic and progressive sounds, he's just about one my vote for this being a very good album. If had the task of analysing and summing up the album in a few words, then 'dreamy', 'punchy', and 'mysterious' spring to mind.

Airdrawndagger is a true tech-inspired journey through digital landscapes; chilled and energetic. Though this is a 'good' album, you shouldn't be afraid of nit-picking and criticizing many aspects of it. And since the 'art' of DJ'ing is a now a global trade, fuelled by ego on the internet and sold by the image; not the music, it's actually easy to see why Sasha is no longer an important part of the jigsaw, and why the DJ is no longer just the guy that played music.

So on this subject, I do feel that Sasha's direction towards producing the album purely on ProTool's is somewhat narrow minded. This is perhaps the most objectionable thing I'll say, and obviously it depends on your taste of music. If you're a gamer, you'll also note just how much the album as a whole resembles the soundtrack off the game "Sim City 4" for the PC.

Sep 20,  · Released in , Grapefruit’s 3-CD multi-artist British underground folk compilation Dust On The Nettles was widely praised, with a five-star review in The Times hailing it as “a delight from beginning to end”. A long-overdue follow up to that set, Sumer Is Icumen In tightens the mesh by focusing on the point when traditional folksong and the burgeoning late Sixties counterculture.

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  1. The Three Ragas LP is considered an excellent album to introduce listeners to the sound and style of classical Indian music. Composed of three epic tracks, or “ragas”, each running from ten to thirty minutes long. This album, released in , is perfect for relaxing on a meditative Sunday afternoon. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Shahen Shah.
  2. If you expected Son Volt, then you're on the wrong side of the alt-country fence, hombre. This album is for people who like Wilco's "A.M." because Jeff Tweedy sounds like he's smiling throughout the whole album, and the Jayhawks' "Tomorrow the Green Grass" because Mark Olson and Gary Louris sound perfect together/5(20).
  3. If you expected Son Volt, then you're on the wrong side of the alt-country fence, hombre. This album is for people who like Wilco's "A.M." because Jeff Tweedy sounds like he's smiling throughout the whole album, and the Jayhawks' "Tomorrow the Green Grass" because Mark Olson and Gary Louris sound perfect together/5(21).
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